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“Dynamic Strategic Planning” eBook By Lawrimore Published By Amazon Kindle

A guidebook to a new type of realistic strategic planning, by LCIweb President Buck Lawrimore, has been accepted for distribution by Amazon’s Kindle eBook system.

Dynamic Strategic Planning bookDynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process for Real-World Results,” is now available at Amazon’s Kindle store at this link.

Dynamic Strategic Planning grew out of years of experience facilitating strategic planning for all kinds of business, government and non-profit organizations,” said author Buck Lawrimore, president of Key Success Edge. “Traditional strategic planning, which originated in the years after World War II, is woefully inadequate for the fast-changing realities of the 21st Century.

“Studies have shown that most traditional strategic plans fail. They are largely a waste of time. And the main reason is that they provide ‘the illusion of control.’ People making the plans believe that just because they put them on paper, they will come true. That is rarely the case,” Lawrimore said.

The first edition of “Dynamic Strategic Planning” was published in 2003 via amazon at this link. Since then it has been purchased by individuals and organizations on every continent. “The new edition has been expanded and re-organized for easier reading on Kindle and other readers,” Lawrimore said.

Dynamic Strategic Planning was created especially for communities, larger businesses, Chambers of Commerce, churches and other organizations with more than 50 people,” Lawrimore explained. “It functions to identify critical issues which are vital to the organization’s success, and to allow people who are interested in those issues to form action teams. Those action teams are responsible not only for proposing solutions to the issues, but actually executing their own recommendations and new ideas. So there is no gap between the people doing the planning and the people executing the plan. This greatly increases overall success.” Get your copy of Dynamic Strategic Planning at this link.

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