Daily Habits Are The Secret To Success In Life

It’s no secret that we should practice good daily habits, right?

There’s always someone telling you – or trying to sell you – the secret of success. I’m giving away for free what you already know.

OK, here it is: there is no secret. Success – or failure – is earned through your daily habits. If your daily routine includes a lot of bad habits, success is hard to come by. However, if you embrace a few good habits, your chance to succeed increases geometrically.

What habits should you practice?

We’ll give you the first five today and save some for another day.

Daily Habits

  1. Make your health a top priority. You can’t work at your top level or nurture your relationships if you aren’t healthy. So, get plenty of sleep, eat right and exercise every day. Exercise doesn’t have to be onerous. It can be as simple as a 20-minute walk after dinner.
  2. Find the silver lining. The most successful people are grateful for what they have, not grasping for what they don’t have. Every morning think of three things for which you are grateful. I guarantee this will change you for the better, and others will notice.
  3. Think and speak positively. Cut negative words from your thoughts and speech. Negative words sabotage you. If you think or say you can’t, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  4. Give generously. In all aspects of your life, look for ways to give instead of ways to receive. Find ways to provide value to those around you.
  5. Live in the now. Would you change things if you knew that today was your last day on planet earth? List the things you’d change and figure out ways to make those changes now. All that I know for certain is that only this moment is guaranteed. Make the best of each moment you are given.

What daily habits would you add to our list?

By Harry Hoover, editor/author of You-Improved.

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