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‘Dynamic Strategic Planning’ book now available on amazon.com

Dynamic Strategic Planning bookWe are pleased to announce that our guidebook, Dynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process for Real-World Results, has been published on amazon.com, both as a paperback book and a Kindle edition. You can see it and get your copy by clicking this link: Dynamic Strategic Planning.

Most strategic plans fail, and this book begins with a brief overview of why they fail and what can be done about it. Traditional strategic planning provides the “illusion of control” but is often unrealistic and so doomed to failure. Dynamic Strategic Planning is highly realistic and easy to understand. It incorporates the author’s 30-plus years of facilitating strategic planning with organizations of all kinds and sizes, learning what works and does not work, and exploring optional planning methods. Most significant is new discoveries of how living systems ranging from ant colonies to corporations and the stock market learn to adapt to the constantly changing environment, surviving and thriving as a result.

Using Dynamic Strategic Planning, your organization will enjoy these benefits:

• Plans are highly realistic and are actually enacted
• People are personally committed to all goals and make them happen
• False predictions are minimized so the organization can adapt rapidly to change
• Implementing the strategic plan allows the organization to accomplish big improvements it had not been able to achieve before
• The whole process is as inexpensive as possible
• Everyone who participates enjoys the process and feels it is an excellent use of their time

Dynamic Strategic Planning requires at least 50 people to be successful. It was designed for communities, chambers of commerce, churches, and mid-size to large business, government and non-profit organizations. Get your copy here now.


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